7 Amazing Android Secrets, Tips, and Tricks

By Mahmoud Salem on November 30, 2020
TurnBrain - 7 Amazing Android Secrets, Tips, and Tricks

In this article, we going to talk about 7 Amazing Android SECRETS, TIPS, and TRICKS but a lot of these can also be used on iPhone as well.

TurnBrain - call last number by hittig the dial button

1-did you know that you can dial back your last caller by just hitting the dial button

TurnBrain - flip between your tabs when you swipe on the address bar on Chrome

2-if you swipe on the address bar when using Chrome you can flip between your tabs. 

TurnBrain - access wifi via QR

3-one of the first things people to ask me when they come over is what is your Wi-Fi password,  now this can get a little bit annoying, so as a solution you can go to a website called and enter your Wi-Fi details this will turn them into a QR code that guests can scan and automatically connect to your Wi-Fi. 

TurnBrain - airplane mode

4-if you're ever suffering from signal difficulties if you turn on airplane mode and then turn it off again your family connects to the closest cell Tower.

TurnBrain -Screen pinning

5- Screen pinning allows you to hand a phone to your friend and the rest assured that they're not going to go snooping around when you pin an application then the person can only use that app until you unlock your phone again.

TurnBrain -Adobe Lightroom noise reduction

6-Greatest hacks I've ever used come from Adobe Lightroom, the most powerful photo editing apps with a feature called noise reduction which as the name suggests takes your grainy photos and uses a sophisticated denoising algorithm and at the cost of a little bit of sharpeners completely turns a grainy photo around.

TurnBrain - Do Not Disturb Mode

7-Take advantage of you do not disturb mode, by default when I set up a new phone I always turn this feature on I'll set it so that phone calls and alarms will get through but for the rest of my non-urgent notifications I'll make it so I see them when I have time to see them not when they demand my attention.