Windows 10 built in video editor

By Mahmoud Salem on December 11, 2020

Did you know windows 10 includes its very own free built in video editor? how do we launch it? well let's go down to the taskbar and within the search field let's type in video editor who would have guessed there is a free video editor with windows 10, and within the best match let's click on this, this launches the photos app, yes it launches the photos app, the video editor is built into the photos app. 

TurnBrain - Windows Video Editor - Open video Editor

Free video editing software

TurnBrain - Windows Video Editor - Open New Video Editor Project

Within the photo app, we can click on new video project and this will launch us into a fairly feature-rich video editor let me name the video something I've typed in a title now I'm going to click on ok now it's a fairly basic but also pretty versatile video editor.

In Project Library you could add all of your different files whether it's video files or photos to the project library 

Windows 10 video editor built in

TurnBrain - Windows Video Editor - Add Media Files

You can drag different files down onto your storyboard to start pulling together your video, you could add things like title cards you could add motions you could add different filters and you could preview your final output along with that you can add background, music, custom audio and then you could export your video and you could upload this to places like say Vimeo, youtube, Twitter or Facebook.

Windows 10 hidden video editor

All in all, it's a pretty good video editor that's easy to understand and you can make some pretty nice videos this is the successor to movie maker and it holds that title pretty well.