Samsung galaxy s21 Prices & leaks

By Mahmoud Salem on December 4, 2020
TurnBrain - samsung galaxy s21

As we are approaching the official date of launching the Samsung galaxy s21, we've got some new pricing leaks coming from south Korea it seems like Samsung has finally learned their lesson unlike the crazy pricing of the s20 series the s21 family could start from 800 dollars all the way up to 1300 dollars with the s21 ultra which is 100 dollars less than the s20 ultra, 

The edge display is only specific to the ultra model so s21 and s21 plus will come with a flat display with a possible plastic bag. 

Speaking of s21 plus we have a brand new render video this is based on the absolute latest cad information showing off possibly the closest design to the actual real thing,

I love how this camera bump is melting on the side, Samsung has definitely managed to create a new look, a new different look compared to the other smartphones with multiple cameras on the market 

According to the dimension information, the s21 plus is similar to the s20 plus but it's a bit taller it's rocking it almost chinless 6.8-inch display, probably the most minimal chin on a smartphone.

The only logical jump is towards an under-display camera which Samsung will most likely do with the Z Fold 3 later on next year.

More information is coming out regarding the Z Fold 3 it seems like despite having the s pen the galaxy Z Fold 3 will not only be lighter than the Z Fold 2 but also thinner.