Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will kill Note Series

By Mahmoud Salem on November 13, 2020
TurnBrain - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will kill Note Series

Samsung is about to take the biggest decision ever, the galaxy s21 series is unlike any other series we have ever seen from Samsung because this time it is going to make things very simple.

We've heard this rumor early on in the year but now it seems like it's pretty much confirmed according to ice universe it's confirmed that for the first time in history a Samsung galaxy s flagship phone will have s pen support separately and seems like it's only coming with the s21 ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

If we look at the design of the s21 ultra there is no built-in S pen support so that only means that s pen will be offered as a separate accessory so s pen on a s21 ultra phone means Samsung just pretty much killed its galaxy note series because the only thing that made the note series special was the s pen, the reason why the note flagships were so popular back in the days was because of their big phablet size but nowadays the s series is just as big as the note series we also have similar specification like the only big thing that separates the two series is the s pen.

Recently Samsung has cut down on the production of the note 20 family both note 20 and note 20 ultra that's kind of a sign that Samsung is about to make some big decisions.

The other big factor is that Samsung has its main focus set on the foldable z series which is why they probably had to make a smart decision and that was giving